How to integrate Outseta with your Carrd Website


Learn to integrate Outseta with your Carrd website


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How to integrate Outseta with your Carrd website

Carrd is a website builder that allows you to build fully responsive, one-page websites. It's a fantastic choice for quickly spinning up websites and integrates with Outseta in just a few steps.

This video below demonstrates the process of launching this membership site:

Start in Outseta

1. Within your Outseta account, start by going to BILLING > PLANS and adding your subscription or membership options.

2. Next, go to the AUTH > SIGN UP AND LOGIN page and configure the setting on this page—here's an overview of each. The most important setting at this stage is the POST LOGIN URL—this is the page users will be redirected to when they login successfully.

3. Finally, go to the AUTH > EMBEDS page and copy the Quick Start head script.

Jump into Carrd

Now it's time to jump into Carrd. You can start from scratch of choose any of Carrd's prebuilt templates, but you will need a Pro subscription of Carrd. This is required to add Outseta's embed scripts to a Carrd site.

1. In the Carrd editor, click on the + sign and select the EMBED option. Choose the Code embed type and Hidden style in the Head.

2. Paste Outseta's Quick Start head script into the Code section.

3. Next, copy the

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