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Paul Ingram, CEO - TheBeautyApp

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NoCode Website

A curated directory of resources, tools & hacks for non-techs

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Community for Content Marketing Collaborations

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Electrician Path

The platform for electricians to start and grow their career. Find training and job opportunities in the electrical industry.

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Bank al Etihad

Bank al Etihad is a Jordanian bank that takes pride in being built on family values.

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Project N95

The National Clearing-House for Critical Frontline-Worker PPE

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Instagram Clone

Create your own photosharing app for friends, family, and the rest of your adoring fans.

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Online Store

Sell your products and services online with a variety of e-commerce options

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Build a custom application, without code!

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Web App

Build a custom application, without code!

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Create a stunning website for your business, idea or personal homepage

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Easily collect email addresses and send regular email newsletters out!

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Landing Page

Easily collect email addresses and send regular email newsletters out!

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