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Xano gives you a scalable backend which is frontend agnostic, with a PostgreSQL database, a ready-to-use API and a No Code business logic builder to transform data to and from any source.

Build any Backend, then Scale it

Xano's feature-rich, infinitely-flexible backend builder lets you visually program and develop API-based backends with full authentication and database support. The battle-hardened hosting platform is in use across Fortune 500 companies and can stand up to any kind of scale. If you're looking to support a heavy use-case without code, Xano is the tool to do it.

Growing Ecosystem

Xano's Marketplace lets you choose form a variety of starter templates to get your project moving quickly! It also provides tons of extensions for integrating with popular services like Twilio and SendGrid. Want to send a text message or email without writing code? Xano has you covered.

Cutting-Edge, No-Code Features

Xano comes packed with powerful features out of the box and rarely seen in other No-code tools, like Geo-Location, Webhooks, OAuth (So you can build a sign into Facebook, Google etc feature without code) and more! 

Use your favourite front-end tool

Xano is completely front-end agnostic - In other words, you can build your user interface in tools like Webflow, Adalo or Bubble, and then use Xano to power the backend and logic. With Xano's multi-platform support, you can easily use your favourite tools to build across web, tablet and mobile, while Xano controls and scales everything behind the scenes!


The Verdict:

Xano is a big favourite at NoCode.Tech - It's "Turing Complete" which is a nerdy term that means "You can build LITERALLY anything" with Xano. They have a growing marketplace of templates and extensions to minimise the amount of time you need to spend building, and if you're familiar with REST APIs, you're going to feel right at home in Xano. And if you're not? Well thankfully they've got a huge tutorial series to get you up to speed!

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